Leverage Your Social Influence With Influenster!

Over my years of blogging and couponing, I’ve scored a lot of great freebies. From dish soap to paper towels to other household goodies, I’ve been lucky to try new products and be “ahead of the curve” on new releases. By far, the best program I’ve been involved with is Influenster – here’s why.

Influenster partners with leading brands in the marketplace, from household appliances like Keurig (though I was definitely not lucky enough to be involved with that promotion!) and beauty brands including Rimmel and others. They gather thoughtful VoxBoxes for Influensters to try out based on your interests and life stage.

My favorite VoxBox was the “I Do” box, intended for summer wedding-goers.

Got my #idovoxbox!

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It included products from Dr. Scholl’s (inserts for high heels,) Luster Now, Urgent Rx, and other great products perfect for a wedding clutch or pre-prep.

Another great thing about Influenster is the opportunity to try products before they’re rolled out nationally – I’ve particularly enjoyed a campaign with Palmolive, who sent out their new botanical-scented dish soaps, and Rimmel, who let us preview their Scandal-eyes mascara (which I still use almost every day!)

If you’re interested in working with these great brands, visit Influenster to learn more and sign up.

Are you a member of any product review services?

have a happier morning


Some people might consider the phrase “happy morning” an oxymoron, but it is possible! Getting out of bed is the HARDEST thing for me (especially now as the weather cools off and my piles of blankets are so comfy and cozy) but when my alarm goes off, I have to get up and out the door. Knowing that I don’t have to rush around to look for my keys or wait around for the coffee to percolate makes this a little less traumatic.

  • Set up your coffeemaker the night before. Pour in the water and load up the grounds so it’s ready for you to turn in the morning and brew while you take a shower. Some people have the luck of Keurig machines or automatic timer coffee machines.. I am not one of these people (but I am very interested in something like this.)
  • My ultimate morning time-saver is one I’ve been toting around since high school, and it’s been a life-changer for roommates and boyfriends ever since: brush your teeth in the shower. There are many shower caddies now that even have spots for a toothbrush like this guy from OXO (I just keep mine in a Mason jar on a shelf) or repurpose a suction cup razor holder to save some cash.
  • If you’re running desperately behind (think that “oh-my-gosh-my-alarm-didn’t-go-off-and-now-the-sun-is-up” feeling,) dry shampoo is an absolute lifesaver. My must-have is Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo. It’s light, feels great on my hair, doesn’t leave the white powdery mist some other shampoos do, and has a nice scent. It is a little pricey (I got my bottle as part of Target’s Beauty Box,) but for more affordable options that work just as well, try Batiste (the original dry shampoo) or Suave.
  • In the same vein, if you’ve overslept by that long, you might not even have time to jump in the shower. Face and body wipes are great for this – I’ve used ShowerPill for quick wipe downs after races and even at festivals when there are no showers to be had. Makeup remover wipes help cleanse your face (I use Simple Facial Wipes and keep them by my bed to scrub off the day before I go to sleep) and get you all primed to take on the day.
  • I used to really like setting my outfit out on my bed in the morning before I showered, and while I would still like to do that, it’s just not a timesaver because you’re still rooting around in the closet in the morning. Instead, I created a hanging outfit organizer: every night I hang up all the parts I need for my outfit, from pants to undies to accessories. (My shoes always live by the door, thought.) That way this landing zone is all I need to get out the door quickly!
  • Another tip from my high school days: have a stash of “reserve outfits” ready to go. I have two or three outfits that aren’t favorites, but will do in a pinch if I’m low on laundry or can’t find something else. I keep them hung together so I can grab them in a rush if I didn’t get around to setting things out the night before.
  • Now that you’re showered, dressed, and have your cup of coffee to-go, running late is no excuse to skimp on breakfast. Batch make some frozen breakfast burritos to warm up and eat on your commute, or find another on-the-go food: I like to make fiber muffins and nom on them during the drive. (And if you’re like me and refuse to give up the autumn ghost, make up a batch of my favorite pumpkin muffins!)

What’s your favorite time-saving morning tip? Are you an early bird like me or a night owl who struggles with the alarm clock?

tune tuesday: only time

tune tuesday

Well well well. Here we are again. Funny how time slips away, no?

The last few months have been faster and faster. There’s an episode of ER (and I know it’s a popular saying, but ER is where I heard it, and you know I have to be able to sandwich in a reference where I can) where Mark’s dad says that the older he gets, the faster the years go.

“You know some years seem to pass faster than others? This year’s been the fastest.”


Time is definitely flying by right now – most days, I’m thankful for it. I’d be lying if I said that days weren’t still a struggle and I’m happy about quickly passing 12-hour workdays. But then I call my grandpa on his birthday and cry because I miss him and swear I’ll call more, but wake up three weeks later and I haven’t called since. Or I say I’m going to start running again and here I am, three months later, and I’ve not taken another step. I say I’m going to be a good blogger again and same thing – here I am.

I’m working on getting my head right. I’m working on getting my body right again. The precious little time I have to myself needs to be put to better use – here’s a Tune Tuesday to making it count.

Imagine Dragons – It’s Time

Green Day – Good Riddance

New Radicals –

Elton John – Rocket Man

You Are Too Big To Fail.

you are too big to fail.

At the beginning of the year, I set one goal for myself: that I was going to find a new job and move out of Virginia. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, to be honest. I had been applying for jobs for over a year already, and had only gotten one interview. I also wasn’t totally sure where I wanted to move, so a lot of those applications were sort of half-hearted. So in March when Sixx moved to Nashville, it helped me to focus my search on one city and by the end of the summer, here I was.

I had a dream and a plan, and I broadcast it so publicly that I had to make it happen. It was too big to fail.


It wasn’t easy and there have definitely been some major potholes along the way, but I’m starting to really buy into all the dream it/do it manifestation stuff, because it’s really happening for me now. (I say this all very cautiously, because I’m a very superstitious person and I remain convinced that everything will fall apart at any minute ;) but I think the positivity thing is paying off. Being positive, deciding to be happy, and setting achievable goals are all helping me continue the forward motion I’m on and inspiring me to keep planning and making a push to have the life I want for myself.

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 10.22.09 AM

Am I struggling right now? Yeah, a little. But I decide every morning now to be happy and make the best of my day, and that helps too.

You should set goals that are Too Big To Fail, too. Find an accountability partner (hayyyy, Athena!). Force yourself to donate $1 for every time you say something mean about someone. Apply it to anything: a fitness goal, finding a new job, finances, moving to your dream city. When you find something that sets your heart on fire, you’re able to follow through and execute your dreams.

And if banks are too big to fail, you sure as hell are too.

How do you accomplish your big dreams?