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Working from home has been growing in popularity – whether it’s owning your own business, freelancing, or contracting for a larger company, there are many ways you can start working from home. No more commute, no freezing office, and no annoying cubicle neighbors – sounds awesome, right? While it is really great, it’s not always as easy as it sounds, and these kinds of jobs are competitive. Today I’m sharing some of the most popularly used tools at a lot of virtual companies! The exact programs and apps you might use in yours can differ based on your company and position, but this is a good start on tools to start using that you could see in your position.

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Slack: There are a few team communication tools out there, but Slack is by far the most popular. It’s super comprehensive – not only is it built for instant messaging, they also recently introduced a built-in voice call integration, and you can even upload and share files. Lots of other programs have apps that can be installed (even Giphy!) so you can do things like search for travel with Hipmunk, get calendar reminders, and even use Stop. Breathe. Think. to meditate. This is probably one of the most important tools to have on your resume – and it’s super simple to use. Though Slack isn’t a remote company, they do have a job search site for companies that use Slack, and you can search for remote opportunities with Slack At Work!

Basecamp/Asana: Project management software can make your work life so much easier. Basecamp and Asana both make communication among teams easier with different project “boards” for various products, allowing you to set to-dos, timelines, and even more. I’ve used both Asana and Basecamp, and I prefer Basecamp more. (They’re also a virtual company, so watch for opportunities with them once you’ve gotten comfortable!)

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April 21, 2017

dollar shave club wanderer review

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I was provided a complimentary product from Dollar Shave Club to review, but all opinions are my own.

dollar shave club wanderer

Dollar Shave Club‘s name sounds obvious and their marketing has been all over for the last few years, so it seems pretty easy to describe their company. A monthly subscription box for razors. They’ve branched out to become so much more than that, though – and they asked me to review their new Wanderer line of shower products. Dollar Shave Club’s Chief Innovation Officer, Fadi Mourad, told Sweet that Wanderer was born of hearing from guys that “their skin always felt dry, itchy, and uncomfortable throughout the day,” so with that in mind, I paid special attention to how clean and fresh I felt when jumping out of the shower.

dollar shave club wanderer

Though much of their marketing has been geared toward men, they encourage women to use their shave products as well (I’ve used their razors before), and I was impressed by the Wanderer line. The scents aren’t overly “manly” – one of the cleansers is lavender and amber scented, which is really warm and soothing. (I described it to someone as it feeling like a hug when I first used it.) The Sage & Black Pepper shampoo and conditioner smell really great – lightly scented, and the sage smell really makes me feel awake. Their conditioner is particularly amazing – it’s left my hair super soft, and helped with snarls and tangles. Another touch I really appreciated in the shampoo and conditioner is that the top of the shampoo is translucent, while the conditioner is white, making it easy to tell the difference!

dollar shave club wanderer

Wanderer also features two soap scents – the calming Amber Lavender, and awakening Mint Cedarwood. I’m a really big fan of the Amber Lavender cleanser – I like to use it when I shower at night to help relax and drift off. Mint Cedarwood is great too – the combination definitely does awaken you, and when paired with the Lathering Shower Cloth, it’s a combination for next level clean. (The exfoliation of the shower cloth is a bit heavy, so if you have sensitive skin, it might be something to try just once a week.) Their bar soaps have exfoliating beads in them too, and I’ve liked having one by the sink for really clean hands.

dollar shave club wanderer

The Citrus Hawaiian Ginger face cleanser is another standout. It won’t dry you out at all (or leave you feeling greasy), and the tropical scent of this one gives you a quick vacation while you wash your face! I’m very used to face cleansers with microbeads or extra scrubbers in them so I was apprehensive about this, but it works up into a nice lather for a deep clean.

The line is sulfate-free (which means the hair products are safe even for color treated hair) and natural, with ingredients meant to hydrate while they cleanse. You can purchase the products a la carte, or buy one of the bundles they’ve put together for a discount. I was really impressed by all of the products and I highly recommend them – they could even save room in your shower if you’re overly stocked on gendered shampoos and shower gels!

Have you ever tried Dollar Shave Club? What’s your favorite shower gel scent?

April 19, 2017

music monday: record store day ready

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music monday

Record Store Day is one of the most wonderful times of the year for music fans – it’s a time to line up outside your favorite store and hope you’ll get to pounce on all the limited releases and deluxe editions the retailers are sent. I’ve had some remarkable Record Store Days, from the time I got a black eye in competition for a Dave Matthews Band release (I wish I was kidding) to the time I got my favorite Hold Steady record on vinyl. It’s a day that’s always been close to my heart because in college I got to sit in on a few roundtables about planning the next year’s national event, which was really cool. The 2017 edition is this Saturday, so download your list, get ready to line up, head to the store, and be sure to check out the bands that are playing! These are the bands with releases this year I’m excited to check out. If you have a minute before diving in to the jams, please take my reader survey!

Mayer Hawthorne, Someone Like You

Jason Isbell & the 400 UnitHope the High Road

Sunny Day Real EstateRain Song


Goo Goo Dolls‘Cuz You’re Gone

Are you a vinyl fan? What releases are you excited for this year?

April 17, 2017

I need your help!

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Hope you don’t mind me coming in on a Sunday with an extra post!

Over the last few months, I’ve worked hard on taking the blog in a different direction – a direction that benefits you more. If you have time, I’d love for you to fill out this reader survey. It will help me see what I’m doing well, what’s not working for you, and what will help more!

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April 15, 2017

where to find remote jobs to work from home

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where to find work from home jobs, remote jobs

Digital nomad, work from homer, distributed team – there are many ways to label virtual companies, or a company that doesn’t feature one physical office. I work remotely, and it doesn’t escape me every day how lucky I am. No commute to work or worrying about weather, no layering up for a frigid office even in the summer months, no one to steal your lunch out of the community fridge. Plus I really love my job! Virtual companies are becoming more popular than ever, and for people who want the benefit of a home office without the stresses of being their own boss, it’s important to know how to navigate these sites! By virtue of having a remote job already, I’ve become pretty familiar as to where they get posted, and what to look out for to know you’re looking at a legitimate, reputable company. Today I’m sharing some of the tips I’ve given my friends when they’re on the hunt for remote jobs!

Direct company websites: As with traditional jobs, every remote company will post their openings on their own website first. If there’s a specific company you have your eye on, check in with their jobs page occasionally, and sign up if they have a newsletter they announce postings to. Eventbrite is a good example of a company that features this! This helps to make sure you’re on a legit website and gives the benefit of applying directly without any third party application or the possibility of a trimmed job description. Some companies that hire remote workers include Basecamp, Amazon, Museum Hack, and even Teach for America!

Jobspresso: This is my favorite remote job aggregator, and the place I have all my remote-seeking friends start. They have a great interface, easy search tools, and put the job title as well as the company on the front page. Jobspresso also features easy categories, so you can browse through the job types you’re looking for in one click. They tend to get more customer service and marketing/content jobs than other websites mentioned here.

WeWorkRemotely: Not the prettiest of the sites I’m outlining, but super high quality jobs posted here, and it’s affiliated with Basecamp. This also means that they’re updated a bit more infrequently and don’t have quite as many positions as the other sites, but they’re highly vetted and of good quality.

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April 14, 2017